It’s 2015 and B2B marketers have been armed with “marketing stacks” full of powerful tools but the data is all over the place.

It’s got to the point where an online marketer will end up having anywhere between 5-10 tools in his/her arsenal.

Let’s quickly guesstimate all the data a good B2B SAAS marketing team might have:

Top of the funnel (Google Analytics, Optimizely, Ads):
Landing Pages

Trials (App Backend / KISSMetrics):
Signup Source/Attribution
Funnels like visitor to signup

Lead Nurturing (Mailchimp or email automation like Vero):
Customer Service

Leads/Deals – (Salesforce or some other CRM/App Backend):
Sales cycles
Sales email data 

Post signup – (Stripe, Excel)

There’s going to be way more to this depending on the size of the company.

I’m not the only one thinking about this challenge. Last month I talked to several marketers to get an idea of how they currently do reporting.

The recurring theme was to export all the data and calculate everything manually using excel.

Even new research for 2015 marketing challenges echoes my thoughts.

How do you currently run the process at your company?