Let’s face it. No one gets lucky and gets their dream job or career. There has to be some form of preparation towards it.

I often get asked by friends how I landed my internships and always have offers on the table.

You need to know what you want to learn.

The tactic to get the job you want is to look at job descriptions of roles you see yourself in.

In my case I want to learn about growth and lead generation.

I use a job board like ventureloop to search relevant positions.

Below is an example of one I found:

how to get your dream job

The job description literally tells you what you need to know to get that position. What a concept!

Now, how do you get these skills? If you’re a college student, spend time interning at companies that will let you manage projects that will help acquire these skills.

You can also offer to do free projects for cash strapped startups or small businesses.

By the time you’re ready to graduate you will be prepared┬áto get your dream job.

I’m always browsing around looking at job descriptions to make sure I’m updated with the current skills.

If you want to be the best at what you do, this is how you make sure that you’re upto date with your skills.