If you read my blog posts, it should come as no surprise how bullish I’m on Twitter.

Today Twitter announced (via a tweet of course) that they’ve filed for an IPO and I couldn’t be more pumped. Here’s why:

  • Twitter is the future of news: Being a Bostonian, I saw the power of Twitter first hand during the Marathon bombings. I knew about the bombing through Twitter at least 20-30 minutes before any news channel had “rumors” about it. Not only that, people from around the globe could keep tabs on the event by following the Police and Boston citizens on Twitter. Stranded marathon attendees received shelter offered by Bostonians because of a widespread form on Twitter. We all know about the part Twitter played to accelerate the revolution in Egypt. Heck, even CNN came to know about the raid on Osama through a tweet by a Pakistani citizen. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Twitter is slowly going to replace news channels because of its speed and widespread distribution i.e over 200 million users.
  • Twitter is creating a job market: Social media has disrupted the way businesses do marketing and Twitter is a big part of it. It’s allowed businesses to connect with consumers like never before. That has opened up a whole new market for “social media” jobs. Just a quick search on Indeed shows almost 40,000 social media related jobs in the US alone. Very few companies make an impact such that they become means for people to make money and get jobs. Not to forget the 1000 jobs that Twitter has also created by hiring it’s employees.
  • Twitter is connecting the world: Facebook may have have over a billion users but you are rarely going to connect with strangers on Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter has opened up the opportunity for strangers to connect, learn from each other, and make new friends. Whether you have ten, hundreds or thousands of followers, it’s mind boggling that you can connect with people you might have never been able to connect otherwise. Yesterday a follower of mine tweeted this to me and I was so humbled. I’m not sharing this to show off or to brag about myself. It just blew my mind that I could make an impact on someone who I don’t know only because they follow me on Twitter. It wouldn’t have happened if Twitter hadn’t existed.

There have been enough praises of Twitter as a product but these are my two cents on the Twitter IPO. If you believe what I said, go buy some Twitter stock when its public because a few tweets can even moveĀ billions on Wall Street ;)