As a marketer or entrepreneur, you always need to be looking for new distribution channels to take advantage of.

Quora is a new channel which I believe has great potential especially from a thought leadership standpoint.

It might not be the right channel for every market so let me show you the easiest way to see how to find market size for your company on Quora.

Let’s say you sell a product or service for dogs. Go on Quora. On the right you will see a box to type a question.

quora marketing


Go on the “topic” box and type keywords related to your market.

quora marketing channel


Here I’ve typed “dogs” and it estimates a reach of over 26,000. That is the number of people who follow the topic “dogs” on Quora.

A scrappy marketer will look at that and realize that it’s a free channel worth experimenting on. Getting onto a platform early has its payoffs.

So what can you do to take advantage of Quora?

Find questions related to your market and answer them. To get traffic back, you can link to any relevant content from your website in the answer.

Remember: Don’t be too salesy but instead focus on providing real insight and becoming a thought leader.