Take a deep breath and look at the chart below from ChiefMarTech.

marketing tools

This is not a joke. Marketing is getting more tech savvy than ever and more messier than ever.

A modern marketer probably has at least 5-10 tools in their “Marketing Stack” and that’s just the beginning.

The overflow of data from each application is already a problem and hence companies like Segment are popping up to integrate it all.

The major problem with new tools that this is causing is education.

There’s only so much time in the day of a marketer to learn new tools, efficiently.

So what’s the solution?

Firstly a company could hire an in-house “Marketing Operations” person whose sole job is to make sure all the marketing tools are in sync and integrated with other departments like sales (CRM).

The second option is to hire an external “Marketing Operations” agency on a monthly retainer that does the same job as an in-house employee but for a lesser cost and less overhead.

No matter how tightly you keep your marketing tools, you won’t be able to avoid adding new ones as the days pass.