I am a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and have been following the trend of companies trying to use social media to market themselves. I agree a 100% with all his beliefs about social media and the way it should be. One thing he emphasizes on is the end user. He thinks most social media these days is all push and no pull. A lot of companies are pumping in a lot of money into social media but don’t quite know how to use it to create brand loyalists.

I have encountered these situations everyday. I would see an ad with all the social media icons like the one here.


Its great they have a facebook and twitter but what is the url? How am I supposed to know what it is? Just because one company decided to put the icons on their ad, everyone is blatantly doing it without putting any sense into it.

At the beginning of my school year, I went to a burrito place in Boston called Boloco. After having lunch there, I tweeted that Boloco to me is like a cheap version of Chipotle. 


Within 30 seconds, the Boloco twitter account replied back to me. 


This is called pull. They weren’t trying to tell me they are the best or I suck, instead they hit my emotional point. I now go to Boloco frequently. Its small things like this that make a big impact and bring customers.Some people are constantly putting scheduled tweets on their buffer app and it just clutters my newsfeed with the same tweet for a whole week. That is wrong! I believe that social media can be huge if people use it in the right way.

ps: Gary V is one of the most inspiring and real people. Everytime I need inspiration, I watch one of his videos and feel confidence pumping through my blood. That is the power of this guy. And he does what he advises. Look at this reply tweet from him to me last night (I was very happy). 


Take my word and watch this video to know why this guy rocks.