There isn’t a bigger marketing distribution channel than people.

Most people are stuck on attracting visitors. Very few focus on delighting. While SEO and other online channels may bring you traffic, remember people are still the best distribution channel.

Take social media for example. Who’s behind a Twitter handle or Facebook account? A human being. Back in the day “Word of Mouth” was in person but now is on the internet or social media. It’s still people who will spread the word about your company or brand. To put it in perspective,¬†Twitter and Facebook have a more than a billion users combined.

So how do you delight them?

Have a great product or service! This is a no brainer. The easiest way to delight a customer is to give them something that makes their life better.

Write great content! If you go on, you will find that the majority of posts are about SEO. Stop focusing on “hacking” SEO to improve your ranking but instead, focus on writing great content with SEO in mind.

Engage! Twitter and LinkedIn are still underutilized resources. Whether it’s or LinkedIn groups, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to engage with your customer or potential customers.

Provide great customer service! As unappealing as it may seem, customer support is an amazing way to win the hearts of people. Don’t believe me? Listen to the folks over at HelpScout and read their ebook on customer service.

The job of a marketer has always been to communicate how a product or service can help a person. Somehow in the age of internet marketing, we’ve forgotten that behind the internet are people.