As I am sitting at college, tired and sleep deprived (thanks Startup Summit!), I see a tweet by Angellist mentioning Chirpify raising a new round. The name resembled somewhat to twitter so I decided to check out what it was all about. Boom! My eyes just opened up as I saw the landing page and the words “Buy, sell, donate and transact on Twitter.” There are multiple uses to the service. Individuals and businesses can sell products through a tweet and consumers can reply “buy” and receive an email receipt while donors can reply with “donate” for a fundraiser. The money is charged through their paypal account. 


My first reaction to the service was “holy crap, this is going to be big.” And then I realized duh, it was already on its way there since they just raised money. I am a huge believer in twitter. I think it is nowhere close to its full potential yet. There are a huge number of people signing up everyday including college students around me. 

 Among the popularity of platforms like Gumroad, Chirpify is going to be a huge player. If consumers can buy products/services or donate to a cause through a simple twitter reply, I don’t know how simpler it can get. The only concerns I have about the service is that users need to have an account with Chirpify. I think when consumers need to “do” things to make their lives easier, it makes me skeptical if they will use the service. Another concern I have is that the people might feel tweets telling them to buy of donate maybe spam especially if they are unaware of the service. Lastly, a lot of consumers feel unsafe associating their money to online transactions and services like LevelUp

I know I have definitely started to brainstorm how I can use the platform to make even more out of twitter and use it asap. I am looking forward to the company’s future.

p.s I have never really blogged about companies but I want to make this blog very interesting by writing about anything that makes me think.