I wonder if all successful people had those moments.

Moments of insecurity, struggle, and pushing yourself every night that you’ll figure out something the next day.

There are no clear ways to getting what you want.

You want to yell “that’s BS” every time you read about some guy on INC magazine or Techcrunch who became a millionaire overnight.

They make it seem as if they knew exactly what they were doing. BS.

Turning down work offers that could pay you $$ so you can work towards doing something you like.

It’s hard to explain this to others. You don’t want to tell your friends about anything unless you are making money.

Deep inside all your friends don’t really know much about your ambition until that one day when you become successful.

This is the struggle train. Million thoughts racing in your head.

You keep doing things hoping one of your moves works.

You keep being persistent because what if you give up right before it was going to work.

Is this what it *actually* feels like before achieving success?