My story started in India when I was born in 1993. In 2006, I moved to United States to chase the American dream. That is when I got my first computer and fell in love with it.

By the end of senior year of high school I realized that I loved technology and business. As a 17 year old, I attended my first startup event, Startup Weekend. I ended up winning 3rd place with my team and thus began my journey in the startup scene.

As I attended events, I realized that a lot of people were looking to find co-founders so I co-founded FounderMatchup which later got acquired by CoFoundersLab.

To get true startup experience, I landed an internship at an early stage Y-Combinator/500 Startups company called Flightfox in Silicon Valley. I learned the everyday battles of starting a company and marketplaces.

Then I became one of the youngest interns at HubSpot and learned Inbound Marketing from the best aka the company that created the term. I managed to get lunch with almost 40 people including executives and soaked immense knowledge from them.

My tenacity and hunger to learn marketing led me back to the valley to work at ScriptRock. Knowing nothing about IT and Enterprise space, I learned and figured out what the other companies in the space were doing wrong to help ScriptRock generate leads and awareness much cheaper than industry standards.

What’s next? I’m focused on my goal of learning all about marketing. In between I hope to work on side projects that lead to starting my own business.

p.s That’s me doing a winning pose after a Go-Kart race.